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    Thread: Hard vs soft rubbers

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rhydian View Post
      I've heard that blocking with hard rubbers is easier than with soft rubbers!
      True or rubbish?

      I think it depends if you feel more comfortable with soft rubbers or with hard rubbers, or am I mistaken?
      True for me..
      The hard rubber provides less dwell time for the ball, so the ball bounce more quickly and the rubber is less affected by spin..

      This makes both passive blocking and active blocking easier..
      However, this is only my opinion
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      Nevertheless, out there may also be people who block better with soft rubbers than with hard ones.
      Personally, I block better with hard rubbers ^^ (at the moment: Donic Coppa J.O Platin ^^)

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      Hi to all. I play with Waldner Senso Carbon. On my FH : Dawei 388A-4 rubber 2.2mm - costs about 7 usd it is a hard rubber, but playing spin is so easy, loops with it very well,as well as blocking. It is verry spini, you can lift a ball with rubber. It is a bit heavy rubber. On my BH : Sriver Fx 2.1mm - think that don"t need to explain a lot much softer. When i hitting a big bounced ball i turn the racket to BH, so hiting a smashes with Sriver(softer) not hard rubber. That is the way i do. I must say that i thought that Dawei ruber so cheap is garbage, but must say i was wrong, verry good rubber. I sugest black 2.2mm on forhend.
      Best regards from Croatia

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      if you are hitting hard. go hard rubber. if you have a soft contact for with softer rubber

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      Wow..a blast from the past hehe I can't play with soft rubbers. I find that when I hit the ball, I can feel the ball as if it was hitting all the way through my blade. I can get spin, but there's no pace in the ball. Also, I hit with a closed bat, most of my shots ended up in the net if I am far from the table. I noticed that I have to loop the ball quite high over the net to make it to the other side.
      To improve, we must enjoy the game and above all have fun

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